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申博菲律宾app Wealth Tracker

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Organize Your Financial Life

  • Pull all of your financial information into one singular, secure view
  • Create a personal balance sheet
  • Take a more in-depth look at your holdings
  • Track your spending and view your net worth
  • 通过访问申博菲律宾app的全国认可的研究和投资见解,更好地了解您投资的公司
报名 欲知详情,请浏览 yuturelief.com/tracker
Wealth Tracker screenshot on mobile device
欲知详情,请浏览 yuturelief.com/tracker

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银行 &
银行 &

Full-service solutions for
individuals and businesses.
Full-service solutions for
individuals and businesses.

我们取。 协作 approach to 贷款, cash management, trust services.

申博菲律宾app顾问合作,您获得的不仅仅是投资服务. 了解你的财务目标,动机,以及你如何想象你的遗产 包括解决流动性使用和来源、融资需求和个人信托服务.

申博菲律宾app银行业, 贷款, 和信托服务使您与斯蒂尔理财顾问共同开发的财富管理蓝图更加完善.

申博菲律宾app, we have the knowledge, 经验, resources to help you address even the most complex needs. Below are just a few of the many questions our bankers, lenders, trust associates may help answer for you.

申博菲律宾app的银行和贷款服务由申博菲律宾app银行、FDIC成员和申博菲律宾app银行提供 & 信托,联邦存款保险公司成员,平等住房贷款申慱sunbet手机版,NMLS# 375103(统称为“申博菲律宾app银行”). 信任 and fiduciary services are provided by 申博菲律宾app 信任 公司, N.A., Member FDIC, 申博菲律宾app 信任 公司 Delaware, N.A., Member FDIC (collectively, “申博菲律宾app 信任 Companies”). 申博菲律宾app银行和申博菲律宾app信托公司隶属于申博菲律宾app, Nicolaus & 公司, Incorporated, Member SIPC & 纽交所, each a wholly owned subsidiary of 申慱sunbet手机版 Corp. 除非另有说明,提及“申博菲律宾app”可指申慱sunbet手机版 Corp .. and/or any of its subsidiaries. Unless otherwise specified, products 购买d from or held by 申博菲律宾app, 申博菲律宾app银行, 及/或申博菲律宾app信托公司并非申博菲律宾app的存款或其他义务, 申博菲律宾app银行, or 申博菲律宾app 信任 Companies, are not guaranteed by 申博菲律宾app, 申博菲律宾app银行,/or 申博菲律宾app 信任 Companies, are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested. 申博菲律宾app、申博菲律宾app银行或申博菲律宾app信托公司均不提供法律或税务建议.
为申博菲律宾app, Nicolaus的客户提供住宅抵押贷款服务 & 公司、股份有限公司完全由申博菲律宾app银行和申博菲律宾app银行执行 & 信任 (申博菲律宾app银行). The financial advisors of 申博菲律宾app, Nicolaus & 公司, Incorporated do not offer mortgage loans, provide mortgage loan information, or accept residential mortgage loan applications.
Speak with your Financial Advisor about your risk tolerance level, market fluctuations, 特别是与斯蒂尔SPA信贷额度相关的潜在风险.
基于证券的信贷额度涉及风险,并不适合所有借款人. The SPA Line of Credit is a full recourse, 以经纪账户中的资产为抵押的活期贷款,可随时提取. 利率的上升将影响借款的总成本. 你的证券回报必须高于你的融资成本,才能使你的证券账户产生正回报. The market value of your securities may decline, 这可能导致该抵押品的价值不再覆盖未偿还的贷款金额. 无论如何, 借款人可能被要求提供额外的抵押品和/或偿还部分或全部未偿贷款, 和斯蒂尔银行 & 信托可以催收贷款,出售或强制出售抵押账户中的资产, or any other collateral, without contacting the borrower. 借款人损失的资产可能超过借款人被要求存入抵押账户的资产. 借款人有责任清偿担保物未涵盖的任何金额.
申博菲律宾app银行 & 信托可以随时增加其抵押品的维护要求. 申博菲律宾app银行 & 信任可以, in its sole and absolute discretion, demand full or partial payment of the SPA Line of Credit at any time, without notice to cover the loan balance and any interest. 借款人无权延长满足抵押品维护要求的时间.
If pledged securities need to be sold, they may be sold without notice, 借款人可能没有机会存入现金或额外的抵押品, 而且借款人可能无法选择出售哪些证券, which can interrupt the borrower’s long-term investment strategy. 如果抵押证券被出售,这可能会引发对借款人不利的应税事件. Neither 申博菲律宾app银行 & 信任 nor our affiliates provide tax or legal advice. Borrower should consult with a tax professional.
借款人只有在贷款条件和抵押品要求得到满足且提款请求得到申博菲律宾app银行批准的情况下,才有权从其SPA信贷额度提款 & 信任.
或许还有其他更便宜、风险更小的借款方式. 您的财务顾问可能会收到SPA贷款余额的补偿. 当借款人使用其贷款的可用余额来满足流动性需求,而不是出售证券或其他投资时,您的财务顾问就会受益.
信任 and fiduciary services are provided by 申博菲律宾app 信任 公司, N.A. and 申博菲律宾app 信任 公司 Delaware, N.A. (申博菲律宾app 信任 Companies), wholly owned subsidiaries of 申慱sunbet手机版 Corp. and affiliates of 申博菲律宾app, Nicolaus & 公司, Incorporated, Member SIPC & 纽交所. Unless otherwise specified, 从申博菲律宾app信托公司购买或持有的产品不受FDIC或任何其他政府申慱sunbet手机版的保险, are not deposits or other obligations of 申博菲律宾app 信任 Companies, are not guaranteed by 申博菲律宾app 信任 Companies, are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested. 申博菲律宾app 信任 Companies do not provide legal or tax advice.

Hear what our mortgage clients have to say about their 经验:

“Smoothest mortgage transaction I’ve ever had! 我会告诉我所有的朋友这个很棒的项目和它了不起的员工. I can’t say thank you enough for all the help. 永远心存感激...”

“我对我得到的服务的速度和效率感到非常满意. I would certainly recommend 申博菲律宾app银行 for home financing.”

申博菲律宾app银行积极主动,让整个过程变得容易理解. 他们甚至帮我解决了一些问题,使我更容易完成贷款.”

“我在申博菲律宾app的两个贷款流程(再融资和新房新贷款)再简单不过了 or more stress free. 真的,谢谢你为我们树立了一个很好的榜样,告诉我们买房的过程可以是什么,也应该是什么. There are a million things in the process that can go wrong, I never had a concern that 申博菲律宾app would be one of the 问题. You have made customers for life.”


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